About us

Who we are
geometrydepth.com is the leading training website you can rely upon when searching for design training and modeling strategies: from information on performance analysis to advanced geometry representation, users at different levels of experience find exact information, delivered by the right instructor. We have an adapting team, involving accredited experts in each research field. We strive for a dynamic response to the needs of participants, offering the necessary support from registration through setup, training and after-class.
Our users
find the class useful 99.6%
take the final quiz 73.2%
come back for a second class within 2 months 65.4%
get this grade in the certificate of completion (average) 74.8%
Why Choose Us?
Because we only teach what we know best
We constantly explore ways to share our knowledge and experience so that you can learn while having fun. We try to explain concepts and notions with the simpler and most approachable language, avoiding technical jargon and supporting explanations with diagrams, animations or metaphors. We try to keep it simple and down-to-earth, so that we can unfold together problems that you encounter when trying to achieve something real with a tool rather than using it just to make a point.
Because we are always open to listen to our participants' needs
We like to have a personal relationship with our users and answer questions that you might have both before and after class. We are always happy to help you to make the most out of each learning experience and help you to figure out something that you always loved to do but didn’t manage to get to work yet.
Because we love to interact with you during class
You can always ask questions and receive an immediate answer either from the main teacher for questions requiring an oral explanation or from the assistant when troubleshooting issues that can be fixed with messages. When you let us know, we are always happy to repeat something or adjust the pace to your needs.
Because we give you a chance to rehearse
At the end of the training you will get access to the full content of the class, including videos, exercises and chatlogs of the live sessions. You will have chance and time to review the class at your own pace, rehearse the exercises that we did together in class and take advantage of questions that other users asked.
Because we assist with homework and the final quiz
We often provide small assignments at the end of each session or class so that you can immediately try out what you have learned and get valuable feedback from us, if you want. You will have the chance to listen to our explanation and try some examples with us, try more exercises on your own and test your knowledge with the final quiz, when available. We will provide correct answers and explanations for all questions no matter if you answered right or wrong.
Meet us
Giulio Piacentino
Architect, M.Sc.
Giulio has an architect’s education and always liked interacting projects. With a degree from TU-Delft and a background in architectural geometry expert at McNeel, Giulio always desired to make his projects inspirational and fun. Sometimes he feels like a crazy researcher, he always loved basketball and often ends up learning the hard way.
Ilaria Giardiello
Architect, M.Sc.
After completing her Bachelor studies at the IUAV University in Venice, Ilaria graduated in 2009 with a Master Degree in Architecture with the Hyperbody Research Group at the TU-Delft. Since then she has been working at ONL as designer and architect. Her interests cover a various range of current issues on design, computational tools and building industry.
Sergio Alonso del Campo
VRay instructor, ControlMAD
Luis Fraguada
gHowl Interop instructor, LAN
Thomas Grabner
GECO | Rhino2Eco instructor, uto
Allison Weiler
GECO | Rhino2Eco instructor, uto
Diego García Cuevas
VRay instructor, ControlMAD
Ursula Frick
GECO | Rhino2Eco instructor, uto
Daniel Piker
Kangaroo instructor, SpaceSymmetryStructure