Ready for the fall term?

Within a few weeks, with 45 minutes of dedication each day, everyone can be a lot closer to becoming next term's geometry master. This is why we are releasing immediately the material, the recorded sessions and the quizzes with certificates to everyone with a great price and a new policy, which is per-month. Choose the right start, and do not procrastinate! Read more

Sawapan – Millipede March 2014 Release

A new release of Millipede by Sawapan is now available ! Millipede is a Grasshopper™ component focusing on the analysis and optimization of structures. At the core of this component is a library of very fast structural analysis algorithms for linear elastic systems. The library contains its own optimization algorithms based on topology optimization but due to its speed it can be used in combination with Galapagos for solving generic form finding problems [see included examples]. The new version of millipede contains tw ... Read more

Andrea Graziano as guest editor

We are very excited and lucky to be able to introduce Andrea Graziano, Co-de-iT co-founder, DigitAG& blogger, and technology enthusiast as website content guest editor and social media expert. Read more

Streaming videos

    We've heard your voice, when you told us that you did not want to wake up at 4 am to enter a training. We are pleased to inaugurate the video streaming section of this website! Read more

Weaverbird in 30 minutes

We recently had a free 30-minute introduction to Weaverbird and we are happy to share with all of you this video tutorial to construct an L-system based pattern using Python for Rhino 5.0, Grasshopper and Weaverbird. You can download exercises and code from here. Read more

Chaiselongue with meshes video

Hi again dear visitors and participants in parallel with our trainings we are working on a series of online tutorials to help you getting started with specific editors or workflows. Ilaria has just posted on youtube a fun introductory video to Weaverbird subdivision modeling within Rhino in simple Rhino commands. Have a look and let us know your thoughts! Read more

Great facebook fans

Hello everyone, thanks a lot! We hoped to get some attention from our facebook friends, but in just more than a day we got over one hundred fans. Thanks to all our previous workshop participants, fans and supporters. We are here because of  you. Read more

Hello, World!

Today is a big day for all of us here at geometrydepth. As instructors, we are ecstatic. After months of hard work, we finally have a chance to share our first class with everyone. Because you are on our website, you probably are aware that the world of technology transfer is about to change. Graphic and industrial designers, engineers, architects all are using the web to keep updated with technology. What is learned in one field influences the other, and  many things ... Read more