Geco | Rhino2Eco training


Geco | Rhino2Eco training

Analysis in Ecotect from Rhino/Grasshopper through use of GECO

Ecotect is a highly visual software to work with environmental performance issues. It is designed for early stages of conceptual design, and encourages play to understand environmental factors and interactions.
GECO creates a live link between Rhino/Grasshopper models and Ecotect, allowing the user to export complex geometries very quickly, evaluate their design in Ecotect and access the performances data, and import the results as feedback to Grasshopper.

Course description

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of performing environmental analysis and associated terms, the functionality of GECO, and the process through which analysis can be generated both as a single operation, and as an iterative loop, allowing the results to become an integral aspect of design, rather than an afterthought. You will also be introduced to ways in which you can add user-generated information in an intuitive way to the analysis model, through use of the Rhino plug-in MeshPaint.

After this course, participants will have the foundations to:

setup and perform exterior/interior shadow studies;
setup and perform daylighting studies;
setup and perform solar access analysis.
use analysis data to drive some aspects of your design.

Course at a glance
  • 7 lessons – suggested one a day!
  • 320 minutes of learning experience
  • Certificate of completion available
  • Language: English
  • Ursula Frick [uto]
  • Thomas Grabner [uto]
  • Allison Weiler [uto]
This course is intended for intermediate level Rhino and Grasshopper users. Participants are expected to be able to model in 3D in Rhino, and have an introductory familiarity with Grasshopper. No previous knowledge of Autodesk Ecotect is required.
Software requirements
Check out the introduction lesson to review the software requirements for this course.

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Performance analysis workflow (Free Preview)

Length: 45 minutes


In this lesson you will get started with the fundamentals of operating with Geco and Ecotect, through an overview of the two software, their interfaces and the bi-directional interaction between them.

Shadow studies

Length: 54 minutes


In this lesson you will learn how to perform shadow studies for a specific date and time, or a larger range of time, using shadow contours and the more advanced mesh exposure shadow analysis.

Daylight analysis

Length: 43 minutes


In this lesson you will learn how to perform base daylight analysis for your interior spaces, setting up performance and construction parameters for your design geometry.

Managing materials

Length: 67 minutes


In this lesson you will learn how to run more advanced solar access analysis, setting up materials, to define, for example, the distribution of glazed panels in a facade system, according to solar impact.

Custom user input

Length: 59 minutes


In this lesson you will learn how to define your facade openings size according to solar impact and how to manually define your facade panels design, using MeshPaint3D for Rhino.

Reactive facade panels

Length: 43 minutes


In this lesson you will learn how to create a reactive facade panel which respond to solar impact and sun position. You will see how to set up the geometry, get the results from Ecotect, manipulate them and feed them back into Grasshopper.